Rotary in Australia

The Rotary Club of Melbourne was the first Rotary club to be chartered in Australia in 1921 and by 1947 the number of clubs had grown to 92  with 3600 members. For more information 

For further information about great and inspirational Australian Rotary Leaders

Angus Mitchell, 1948 Melbourne, Clem Renouf, 1978, Buderim, Royce Abbey, 1988, Melbourne and Glen W Kinross, 1997, Brisbane.

For information re: the Royce Abbey Awards Program  which was established to recognise newer Club members who show enthusiasm and commitment to the ideals of Rotary and the Royce and Jean Abbey Endowment Fund which is used for Humanitarian projects to enhance the skills and knowledge of university teachers, foresters, food producers, agricultural and environmental researchers from developing countries, District 9800 Foundation.

Daylesford Rotary Club 1953