Becoming a Member

The Process of becoming a member:

  1. You indicate to a member your interest in joining our club
  2. The member nominates your membership to the Club Board
  3. The Board recommends your membership to members
  4. Members accept your nomination
  5. The Membership Chairperson will meet with you to discuss all aspects of your pending membership including your classification and possible roles on committees, such as Vocational, Foundation, Community Service, New Generation, International and Social.
  6. You will be formally inducted as a member

Induction of one of our newest members David Stagg.

Induction of one of our newest members David Stagg.

Getting involved

It is very exciting for a club when a new member joins because it has impact on the group dynamics and the pool of skills, knowledge and expertise that we can call upon, will be extended. After a few weeks your mentor will invite you to share information about yourself and your interests so he/she can involve you in a meaningful project or find a task that suits you. This involvement is not meant to be daunting or demanding but a way of introducing you to the work of our club, furthering your sense of belonging and an opportunity for you to get to know some of the members as working partners.