Club Meetings

Our Club’s weekly meetings are held upstairs at Frangos and Frangos corner Vincent st and Central Springs road, where members gather from 6.30pm for a 7pm start. They usually run for around 75 minutes, and the time goes fast as we enjoy the company and fellowship of our colleagues, input from a guest speaker, fun sessions and member reports over dinner and drinks.  Costs for dinner vary from $25 for an ordinary meeting plus drinks. Members are expected to attend at least 2 meetings or club activities per month. As we are involved in many community activities on weekends or after hours it is not difficult for them to meet this commitment if they are unable to regularly attend meetings. Every 4 weeks our Club has a breakfast meeting.

20090930 - Graeme Ellender

Graeme Ellender – Speaking on wine making

BBQ for Very special Kids

Away Meetings

Chill Out Picnic – Warren & Karen Maloney selling Info Centre umbrellas

We also stage at least five away meetings per year including visits to workplaces where people share their vocational experiences with us, social gatherings at local restaurants and hotels, Joint Meetings with other Rotary Clubs. Guests, our Community Fundraising Breakfast and our annual Change-Over Dinner.

Rotary Great Australian Bike Bike Ride

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