Decision Making

Although the Board is seen as the major decision making body of our Club, members will often be called upon to make decisions during Club Forums and discussions, Committee meetings and at District meetings

About the Board

Prospective members of the incoming Board are nominated at the Annual General Meeting which is traditionally held on the last Wednesday of November. Once elected they work closely with the President Elect to plan for their year of office. They represent the views of members during Board Meetings, initiate club business related to their designated position on the Board and make decisions on behalf of members.Training for incoming Board members is delivered at the annual District Assembly which they are encouraged to attend. They are also able to seek support and guidance from past Board members, District Directors and the Club and District websites. Currently our Board meets every third Wednesday following our Club Meeting with an Agenda being circulated to members in the week prior to this meeting so that they are able to pass on their concerns, comments and/ or support for items to Board members. After the Board Meeting Minutes are circulated to ensure members are informed and to encourage them to raise these with the President so they can be dealt with infomrally or in accordance with Club By-Laws, at the next Board Meeting.

Rotarians enjoying a friendly discussion

Rotary Club of Daylesford, the Board and club process

President: – Inspires and leads members ensuring that they have a sense of belonging and that they are active participants in the business of the club. They are also responsible for involving members in the development and implementation of annual goals and objectives, including District and Rotary International expectations.

Immediate Past President – supports and encourages the current President. They are also responsible for promoting the development and importance of youth in our community through involving them in experiences that further their personal, physical and mental well-being and perceptions of themselves and their futures.

Secretary – assists the President and members in the communications and various administration functions of the club including filing and storage of club documents, organising and keeping accurate records of Board Meetings, management of club data to District, the receipt and sending of club emails /letters and all general secretarial functions.

Treasurer – keeps accurate and accountable records of all club finances, providing advice to members re. budgets, the financial status of the club including details about all Club Accounts and income details related to fundraising activities. They are also responsible for ensuring payment of all invoices, including District, Rotary International, Foundation and Rotary Down Under dues and organising an annual audit of all financial records.

Vocational  – promotes the importance of high ethical standards in Rotary and business and the worthiness of all vocations. They are also responsible for planning and implementing club projects related to recognising career and business achievements.

Marketing & Media – ensures that the community is aware of the work of our club within and beyond our shire. They are also responsible for negotiating with media outlets and providing them with media reports including photos, for publication.

Community Service  – promote the importance of improving and enhancing the lives and opportunities of community members. They also ensure that the club is aware of community needs, interests and concerns and that these are considered when community projects are being planned and implemented.

Foundation  – promotes the importance and effectiveness of Foundation programs including Polio Plus and other international humanitarian, educational and cultural programs they encourage and support the club so they meet Foundation Donation goals and ensures that world understanding and peace are corner stones of our overseas projects.

As Membership  to set and monitor membership goals and encourages members to identify and talk with potential new members to meet these goals. They plan and implement a Rotary Information Meeting and is responsible for exploring the concept and benefits of new Rotary Groups.

International  – promotes the importance of a global view whilst drawing attention to the needs and concerns of people across Australia and around the world. They identify relevant overseas and National projects for members and the Board to consider and with approval co-ordinates our involvement in them.

Program – plans and organises an interesting and stimulating Club program for members including the booking of Guest Speakers for Club meetings. The social committee works closely with them to organise fellowship, away meetings and gatherings.

Support Roles

Bulletin:  Sharon Nicholson
Club Welfare: Danny Moynihan
Sergeant: Ron Brown
Internet: Sharon Nicholson
Cashier & Memorabillia: Ron Brown

Garry Rodoni as Sargeant

Garry Rodoni as Sargeant

Ron Brown with ROMAC visitors