Photo shows Immediate Past President Garry Rodoni checking out the content of the Historical Display Boards which were developed to promote and publicise the history of our community.

As volunteers, our club is committed to implementing hands-on and funded projects that make a difference to the lives and circumstances of individuals, families and groups in our community, across Australia and throughout the world. Sometimes we work alone and at other times we participate in joint projects that see us working in partnership with other humanitarian groups. We also regularly donate funds and goods to those in need.

Funds for projects are collected locally and from member contributions. We also have access to Matching and Simplified Grants from our District 9800 and Rotary Foundation, which all involve the submission of detailed applications.

Club projects are usually developed in response to specific requests or disasters but others are…

  • initiated by members of the Board in their Rotary capacities
  • initiated by members who have a particular interest or area of expertise
  • driven by research data or a personal awareness of a need or problem.

Although most of our projects could be described as reactionary in nature, we also pride ourselves on the implementation of pro-active initiatives like our Growing and Learning Together Projects which have been specifically designed to support parents in the nurture and preparation of their young children for formal education and our Mock Interview Program for Year 10  and 11 students which provides them with an opportunity to complete an application and resume and participate in an interview with an unknown audience.

In rain, hail and shine we collect donations at the monthly Farmers’ Market and this is used to fund worthy projects and club initiatives.

Members Danny, Ron and Warren – after a long day on the BBQ which was staged in co-operation with the Commonwealth bank to raise funds for Very Special Kids.

Funds raised at our Annual Music Night are shared equally amongst participating schools to supplement Arts budgets.The Music Night also provides children and teachers with an opportunity to demonstrate their talents and enthusiasm for The Arts.